About our Logo....

Thoughts from the committee members of the HKSPC

An image of a heart symbolizes the vision of our society and it reflects the core values that our society is committed to advance the science of cardiovascular diseases in children. This logo was designed by Albert Jangtong from Australia. It projects a modern representation of knowledge, technology, professionalism and human concerns which are in line with the mission of our society to support researches in cardiovascular diseases in children for the public benefit.

It is our hope that through this simple logo, all children with heart diseases especially those with complex cyanotic heart diseases (blue color child) will turn pink (red color adolescent) after appropriate treatment and care.

Words from our logo designer

A logo is not just a pretty image with a name attached to it. It’s your brand, it tells the world who you are, and people see you through your logo. It’s vital we get this right to avoid being misrepresented, or worse, forgotten.

In conceiving this new logo for the Hong Kong Society of Paediatric Cardiology (HKSPC) I have taken into consideration that they not only help children but people of all ages. The design is of a child and an adolescent in a warm embrace. It conveys happiness, hope, love and of course, life.

I’m particularly fond of logos that form an image from negative space. Here the two figures form a human heart, the very essence of what the HKSPC stands for. The logo is simple, fresh and timeless which will assist with public recognition, an essential part in brand development.

I hope you like it but most importantly I hope you continue to support the HKSPC.

Albert Jangtong, Sydney, 2009